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Dear all Taco Bell lovers! Do you have any idea that this restaurant holds a special program especially for you? Yes, it is TelltheBell survey sweepstakes which will grant you the grand prizes of $500 cash. Wow! Here, you can take part in Canada or USA if you Visit Tell The Bell website. No doubt, through Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey, you can be one of Taco Bell survey winners. Simply, you just have to enter Taco Bell Customer Service Survey using Taco Bell Store Number or TelltheBell Survey Code. And, you can share your Tell The Bell Complaint. Enjoy $500 cash!

What You Know about TelltheBell?

Alright! First thing first, you guys may need to find out the meaning of the term. If you see, TelltheBell is the official Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey that has a goal to improve Taco Bell customers satisfaction. In this case, you guys are free to share Tell The Bell Complaint about Taco Bell Near Me stores you visited. In this case, you need to enter Taco Bell Store Number or Tell The Bell Survey Code. Anyway, if you guys are Canadian, you can also visit Canada site to win $500 cash.

TelltheBell Survey Sweepstakes for $500 Cash
TelltheBell Survey Sweepstakes Steps Guide taken from

As you can see, Taco Bell Customer Service Survey is a place where you guys can share your personal thought about Taco Bell restaurant you visited. Here, you can type in Taco Bell complaints, Taco Bell comments, Taco Bell suggestions, and other Taco bell feedback. And if you have completed all survey steps, you can begin to join the sweepstakes at the same page. Yes, through Taco Bell sweepstakes, you can be the next Taco Bell sweepstakes winner for $500 cash. Wow! Visit Tell The Bell now!

Smart Steps to Take the Online Tell the Bell Survey Sweepstakes

For your information, you have a couple of ways to join Taco Bell sweepstakes program. First, you can do it by completing the survey. And second, you can join without taking Taco Bell survey. And, it is the first way for you to try to visit Tell the Bell survey, and join the sweepstakes via online. They are:

  • Step 1: Go to Tell the Bell Official Website

First of the entire steps, you guys need to visit the survey website. For your information, the website is accessible here. Of course, you must grab your laptop or smartphone and go online to do so. And in case you are Canadian, you can visit here. Yes, those are the official Taco Bell survey link addresses that you can visit.

  • Step 2: Set A Language

And if you arrived at Taco survey homepage, then, you can begin to set one language you prefer to use at the website. Here, the default one is English and if you wish to change it into Spanish, you can click that button at the right-hand bottom side.

  • Step 3: Enter Tell the Bell Survey Code

The next, you can also begin to enter the Taco Bell survey code that you can gain from your Taco Bell receipt. But, somehow, if you get no Taco Bel survey code on it, you must click that link under the box of the unique survey code. Yes, it is the link that says “Click Here” and it will bring you to another Tell the Bell survey login portal where you can use Taco Bell store number.

  • Step 4: Click “Start”

Now, you have completed filling out the data, and it is your job to click that “Start” button. In case you still get stuck at Taco Bell survey homepage, you must recheck the survey code or Taco Bell store number you entered. And if it is necessary, you must check the validation date of your Taco Bell receipt whether it is still valid or no longer.

  • Step 5: Respond to All Tell the Bell Survey Questions

Alright! You guys have passed Tell the Bell survey portal and you are going to get some Taco Bell survey questions. No hesitation, it is your task to provide the honest responses toward those Bell survey questions. For information, the questions, in this case, will talk about Taco Bell store that you have visited. As good customers, it is best if you don’t make up the story. In case you find it pleasing, you must mention so, and, vice versa.

  • Step 6: Type In Taco Bell Feedback

You have completed responding to the entire Taco Bell survey questions. Now, you can begin to type in Taco Bell feedback. At this Tell the Bell survey, you are free to type in Taco Bell complaints, Taco Bell comments, as well as Taco Bell suggestions, yet other Taco Bell feedback. If you see, there are some aspects that you can explore such as Taco Bell menu, Taco Bell employees, Taco Bell service, and also Taco Bell location.

  • Step 7: Join Taco Bell Sweepstakes

Finally! It is your turn to take your ultimate chance to win the prizes of $500 cash. Here, you will get two options whether you are willing to join the sweepstakes program or not. If you do, you will get a chance to be the next Taco Belll sweepstakes prizes $500 cash winner. And if you refuse to join, you can just submit the Taco Bell and quit the page.

  • Step 8: Complete Your Data

Let’s say you guys join this pleasing the sweepstakes program. Now, you can begin to complete your data asked by Taco Bell sweepstakes page. They include your full name, your valid email address, your birthdate, and your complete home address as well. By entering the correct and reliable contacts, you will get a notification if you guys are one of those lucky Tell the Bell winners who can grab $500 cash.

Steps to Join Taco Bell Sweepstakes via Mail

Anyway, do you want to save your time and join the sweepstakes via offline? Yes, you will make it done easily! Simply, you just have to follow these sweepstakes steps:

  • Step 1: Preparation

First thing first, you must do the preparation for this program. If you see, you are going to need a post-card, writing tool, an envelope, and of course complete with the stamp.

  • Step 2: Writing Down

You have got all you need to join the sweepstakes. Now, you can begin to write down your data. They are just the same as what you get from the online Taco sweepstakes. Here, you must write your full name, valid email, birthdate, as well as complete home address.

  • Step 3: Addressing

The last, you can put that postcard on your envelope that has the stamp and you can address it to Taco Bell 2018 Survey Sweepstakes. If you take it in 2019, you must address it to Taco Bell 2019 Survey Sweepstakes, and it also works in 2020, and so on. Here, the address will be the same that is at PO Box 6047, Dep’t 39421, Douglas, and 85655 Arizona.

Brief about Official Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes Rules

You have agreed to join Taco Bell 2018 Survey Sweepstakes and it will be best for you to find out the Taco sweepstakes rules. They are:

  • Rule 1: Tell the Bell Sweepstakes Eligibility

First rule, you need to know that you have the qualification or not to join the sweepstakes. In this case, only United States residents who are 18 years old or above who can be the candidate of the sweepstakes winners. But, if you guys are Canadian, you can join it at the official site in Canada. Besides, you can’t join it if you guys are a part of Taco Bell team whether you are Taco Bell employee or Taco Bell sponsors.

  • Rule 2: Tell the Bell Survey Sweepstakes Entry

Second, about the entry, as you can see, there are two ways to join the program whether you take the survey first or directly join the offline program. In case you take the online way, you will need to have a Taco Bell receipt. Yes, you need Taco Bell Survey Code or Taco Bell store number to pass the portal. Meanwhile, for the offline sweepstakes, you won’t need any single Taco Bell receipt. But, still, you must be sure that your Taco Bell receipt is still valid. You can check the validation date or make sure that you never use Taco Bell survey code before, to enter the survey.

  • Rule 3: Taco Bell Sweepstakes Winners

The last, it is about Taco Bell survey winners who must follow the procedures if you want to claim $500 cash. First thing first, you must check on the same website to find out the list of Taco sweepstakes winners. And in case you get your name listed, you must check your contacts whether you receive an email or mail, or even a call from Taco Bell. For the next, you must follow the full instructions in order to claim the prizes. Not to mention, you have to return the form of Taco Bell winners on time.

About Tell the Bell Survey Sweepstakes Prizes

Guys! You have followed all Taco sweepstakes guides, and now, you can continue to find out the prizes offered by Taco Bell. As you can see, the restaurant wants to give you $500 cash, and it is not in the form of a debit card. In other words, you guys are free to use them on for anything you want. Yes, you can also spend it at Taco Bell stores just in case you are in love with Taco Bell menu.

What You Know about Taco Bell Profile?

Do you know? Taco Bell is one of the fast food chains in American that runs under its parent that is Yum! Brands, Inc. At the beginning of the time, Glen Bell launched the first Taco Bell restaurant on March 21, 1962. That first Taco Bell was taking place in Downey, California. Anyway, if you want to visit Taco Bell headquarters; you can go to Irvine, California.

Nowadays, you can see that the restaurant has more than 7,000 Taco Bell locations spread in the United States. And, believe it or not, Taco Bell has gained up to 2 billion USD. Well, if you wish to find more information about the company, you can visit Taco Bell official website. You can go to and find the information you need. They include Taco Bell Box, Taco Bell Specials, Taco Bell Menu Prices, and even Taco Bell Stacker. Besides, you will also get more info about Taco Bell Near Me, Taco Bell Breakfast Menu, complete with Taco Bell Hours and Taco Bell Application as well.

Ways to Search for Taco Bell Locations Near to Your Place

Guys! Do you want to look for some nearest Taco Bell locations? In this case, you can try some ways like:

  • Taco Bell Store Locators

First, you can begin to search for Taco Bell locations by visiting Taco Bell website that is at At the website, you can find Taco Bell locator to get the list of Taco Bell locations near to your place. Here, you can also begin to try using Taco Bell locator by using Taco Bell application. Yes, inside the application, you will also find the same feature, and it will show the accurate Taco Bell locations.

  • Taco Bell Near Me

The next, you are also free to search Taco Bell Near Me on Google, and you will get the list of locations you want. Among the results, you will also get the idea about Taco Bell hours, as well as Taco Bell reviews.

Ways to Approach Taco Bell Customer Service Staff Members

So, you have gained the entire information you need, and now, you can begin to find the official Taco Bell contacts. Of course, the contacts will be useful if you need help from Taco Bell. Here they are:

  • Taco Bell Social Media Accounts

First of all, you can visit Taco Bell social media such as Taco Bell Twitter at, Taco Bell YouTube channel at, and Taco Bell Facebook at The next, you can visit Taco Bell Instagram at, and Taco Bell Pinterest at

  • Taco Bell Website

Or, you can also visit Taco Bell at to get all information you need like Taco Bell Box, Taco Bell Specials, Taco Bell Menu Prices, and Taco Bell Stacker. No doubt, you can also get other info like Taco Bell Near Me, Taco Bell Breakfast Menu, Taco Bell Hours, and Taco Bell Application as well.

  • Taco Bell Headquarter Address

Well, you can also send a mail to the company by sending it to 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, 92618 California.

  • Taco Bell Phone Number

And the last, you can dial Taco Bell number that is reachable at +1 949 863 4500.

Overall, it is all you need to know when it comes to Tell the Bell survey that is available online. If you want to enter Taco Bell Customer Service Survey and join the sweepstakes, you must have the Taco Bell Store Number. Or, you can also use Taco Bell survey code that you get on the receipt from Taco Bell Near Me. Through Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey, you can begin to share complaint and win $500 cash. Visit Tell The Bell now and have fun!